Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Alina Striner, Andrew Webb, Jessica Hammer, Amy Cook. “Mapping Design Spaces for Teaching Audience Participation in Game Live Streaming”. in press for CHI 2021.

Amy Cook, Steven Dow, Jessica Hammer. Designing Interactive Scaffolds to Encourage Effective Reflection on Peer Feedback. DIS ’20. [pdf]

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Amy Shannon, Jessica Hammer, Hassler Thurston, Natalie Diehl, Steven Dow. 2016. PeerPresents: A Web-Based System for In-Class Peer Feedback during Student Presentations. DIS ’16. [pdf]

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Amy Shannon, Acey Boyce, Chitra Gadwal, Tiffany Barnes. 2013. Effective Practices in Game Tutorial Systems. FDG ’13. [Best Paper Award Nominee[pdf]

Other Publications & Presentations:

NSF Showcase: Scaling Project-Based STEM Learning through Novel Interactive Systems for In-Class Peer Feedback. SIGCSE, Minneapolis, MN. February 2019.

Roundtable: Metaphor and Transformational Game Design. Meaningful Play, East Landsing, MI. October 2016.

Poster: Investigating Digital In-Class Peer Feedback with PeerPresents. PIER Fellows Poster Session, Pittsburgh, PA. September 2016.

Poster: Technology Enabled Role-Play in the Classroom. HCI Institute 20th Anniversary Celebration, Pittsburgh, PA. November 2014.

Poster: Data-driven Design Proposals for SimStudent. LearnLab REU Poster Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA. August 2013.

Poster: BeadLoom Game: Effective Game Tutorial Systems. Games + Learning REU, Charlotte, NC. July 2012.

Publications can also be found on my Google Scholar page.