University of Memphis Computer Science Department


Fall 2020

  • Student teams design, develop, and evaluate usability of a software project while working with clients.

Human Computer Interaction

Spring 2020, Spring 2021

  • Designed and taught a graduate-level elective course on user-centered research methods. Student teams complete 10 projects over the course of the semester.

Computing for All 

Fall 2019

  • An introductory computer science course for non-majors. The course covers pre-coding concepts like binary numbers and boolean operators, the breadth of computer science as a field, and provides an introductory coding experience in Python with two student projects.

Carnegie Mellon University Human Computer Interaction Institute

Head Teaching Assistant, Game Design for Crowd & Cloud 

Sept 2017 – Dec 2017

  • Designed and delivered introductory lectures for each unit of the course; graded all course assignments for 35 undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students; supervised two Technical TA’s to coordinate grading and design technical workshops; held office hours

Curriculum Development, Game Design for Crowd & Cloud

May 2017 – Aug 2017

  • Redesigned curriculum for second iteration of graduate level course; interviewed instructor about challenges and problems in previous iteration of the course; created new iteration of course learning goals, units, lectures, assignments, and final project

Teaching Assistant, User Centered Research & Evaluation

Sept 2016 – Dec 2016

  • Led weekly 90 minute section meetings; graded all course assignments for 20 undergraduate and master’s students; assisted with design of course projects

Carnegie Mellon University Eberly Center

Graduate Teaching Fellow

January 2018 – May 2019

  • Teaching consultant for graduate students; responsibilities include conducting micro-teaching workshops, providing feedback on teaching strategies based on classroom observations, and supporting students in writing teaching philosophy statements

Future Faculty Program

June 2017 – Dec 2018

  • Conducted a course redesign project; completed two teaching feedback consultations with Eberly Center experts; attended seminars on various aspects of teaching excellence and educational innovation; conducted a teaching philosophy project

Burkett Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PA

Field-Based Experience, 4th Grade Math, Science, & Social Studies

Jan 2017 – May 2017

  • Conducted semester-long observation of two instructors; assisted with in-class activities and assignments; presented summary of observation notes

Emory University Department of Computer Science

Teaching Assistant, Intro to Computer Science II

Jan 2012 – May 2012

  • Graded all homework, quiz, and project assignments for 25 students; designed and led all lab sessions; periodically led class lecture; proctored all class exams

Teaching Assistant, Intro to Computer Science I

Jan 2011 – May 2011

  • Led and graded weekly one-hour labs for 30 students; assisted weekly with two other lab sections